Tigre Blanc

Henri de Belleville’s passion for great wines and spirits combined with his fascination with Taoism and the “The Art of Love” lead him to create Tigre Blanc vodka. Beginning with the “White Tiger” Taoist symbol, representing femininity, the Tigre Blanc recipe has been passed down through Belleville’s family for generations, and the distinctive bottle reflects the brand’s artistry and heritage.


Belleville’s interest in Asian and Indian art and culture led to a partnership with the Panthera organization. A portion of profits from the sale of each bottle of Tigre Blanc helps fund tiger conservation efforts.

Tigre Blanc Super Premium French Vodka

A super-premium vodka made from 100 percent French wheat and fresh, locally sourced spring water, Tigre Blanc is hand-crafted in the Cognac region of France in the same small alembic stills used to produce Cognac. Its round, smooth flavor and well-balanced texture are characteristic of the Cognac terroir.