Riazul Tequila was born from the passion of Iñaki Orozco, whose family has owned a large plot of land in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico since the Mexican War of Independence 200 years ago. Orozco inherited the land in the late 1990s and decided to try his hand at growing the famous blue agave that is at the heart of tequila. He planted 200 agave shoots with his own hands in 1999, and when it was clear the plants were going to thrive at the unusually high elevation, he planted new shoots each year. Since his first harvest in 2006, all Riazul tequilas are produced from 100 percent estate-grown blue agave. His first batch of Añejo in 2006 was aged for two years and fermented in French Limousin Oak Cognac barrels indigenously ingrained with vanilla tannins, for a rich, round taste and texture unequaled in the tequila category.

Riazul Añejo Tequila

Riazul Añejo is aged for two years in French Limousin Cognac barrels and has exceptional character, offering deep notes of caramel, honey and vanilla.  It is a sipping tequila of extraordinary depth.

Riazul Plata Tequila

Riazul Plata is bottled right after distillation, with no additional barreling or aging. This attracts tequila purists who seek unmasked agave character and terroir.

Riazul Reposado Tequila

Riazul Reposado is aged for nine months in French and American oak barrels, honoring the refinement of a traditional Reposado, while adding a unique touch to its subtle complexity. Anchored by a slight oak base, Riazul Reposado blossoms to reveal hints of citrus fruit that linger on the palate.