Alois Kracher

Alois Kracher was known around the world simply as Luis. He was one of the great visionaries of wine-growing. Not only did he spearhead the “Austrian wine miracle” in the 1990s, but he was also the engine for the worldwide sweet wine renaissance. The entire wine world mourned when Luis, long before his time, passed away in 2007. Educated as a chemist, he was nearly 30 years old by the time he joined his father´s winery after years of working in the pharmaceutical sector. But it wasn't long before he created a new dessert wine style demonstrating that fruit, finesse and balance are more important than sweetness alone. He also insisted on vinifying single vineyards individually and without any alterations to their true character. All this, despite the fact that friends were warning him that it would be impossible to bring 12 - and even up to 15 - different TBAs from a single vintage to the market.


Alois Kracher created an international sensation for the first time with his 1991 vintage wines, and soon after, his name became – especially in America - a synonym for cult sweet wines. Year after year, the international wine media celebrated his Beerenauslesen and Trockenbeerenauslesen. But this was not enough for Luis. With an indefatigable quest for innovation, he always found new products that would feature his noble sweet wines as a key ingredient - from blue cheese, grape jelly and chocolate to pomace brandy and vinegar.


He never lost his realistic, down-to-earth modesty despite the fame he found. "You can't just rest on your laurels,” he would say often. “You have to prove yourself every year.” And he wouldn´t hesitate to state that: "I'm lucky that the climate and soil work so wonderfully together. So I just try to put into the bottle what nature offers me."