Zinfandel's History

...As The Quintessential American Grape

The History of Zinfandel dates back to the 1700s, when farmers in the northeastern United States attempted to cultivate this as yet unknown varietal. Just as this noble grape was making its appearance in America, the roots of democratic government under the Federalist Party were beginning to take hold, led by Alexander Hamilton – immortalized on our inaugural vintage label.

Farmers in our nation’s birthplace had limited success growing this varietal in the cooler, seasonal climate there, but by the 1860's the Zinfandel Grape had found its way to California wineries where the more temperate conditions proved beneficial to the fickle vines. By the 1880's, Zinfandel had taken a firm hold on California due to its vines’ ability to produce large quantities of fruit in the warmer climes.

The history of Zinfandel has been studied intensively and in 2001 it was concluded that the Crljenak grape (which is indigenous to Croatia) and the Zinfandel grape are in fact the same grape, although these finding are still being debated today. No one seems to know for sure so that chapter in the history of Zinfandel is still unfinished. Regardless of its origin, Zinfandel vines grown in California have a unique place for themselves as a distinctively American wine.

Throughout the history of Zinfandel, California is often mentioned and Zinfandel wines are one of California's oldest wine varietals. Currently there are more than 32,000 acres of Zinfandel vines planted across California making it one of the most popular grapes in the state, second only to Cabernet Sauvignon.

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