The Jewel of the Russian River Valley
Terlato Representation: 
Since 1986
Flagship Product: 
Pinot Noir
Price Point: 
$35.00 to $65.00

With three generations of dedication to the land, Rochioli Vineyards and Winery has earned the reputation as one of Sonoma County’s finest wineries. This family legacy began in 1938, when Joe Rochioli Sr. purchased the 162 acres of land he had farmed for many years. He had the foresight to know the soil of the Russian River Valley would one day produce some of the world’s greatest wines.

His son Joe. Jr. shared this connection and intuitively set his sights on clones of grapes that would thrive in this unique spot. Joe Jr.’s goal was to take advantage of the soil’s diversity, as well as proximity to the ocean and the contours of the valley, which allowed for morning fog and cool evening breezes, both key factors in growing stunning grapes.

The result has been a decades-long tradition of outstanding vintages: Silky-smooth, fruit-forward Pinot Noirs; rich, opulent Chardonnays; and tangy, food-friendly Sauvignon Blancs.

Today, the winery is in the hands of the second and third generations, Joe Jr. and his son Tom Rochioli, the winemaker. They continue to tend the vineyards every day, the same way they always have, with the intimate knowledge of the soil, the climate and grapes. It is with this philosophy that they have been successful as growers, and as winemakers of rich and elegant wines.

Rochioli wines are always in demand, always revered and always rated among the best varietals to be sought anywhere in the world.

Tom Rochioli, Winemaker

Rochioli’s 160-acre estate is located in the Russian River Valley.  See the 'Vineyards' tab for more information.


Rochioli Vineyards and Winery has been in the Rochioli family for three generations. Joe Jr. and his son Tom Rochioli now own and operate the winery.