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 Nestled high in the Eastern Hills, Rutherford Hill Winery commands a spectacular view overlooking the Rutherford bench of Napa  Valley. It is from a handful of the most select Napa vineyards that Rutherford Hill continues its tradition of crafting legendary wines.  In 1972, while the rest of the world was just beginning to take notice of Napa Valley, the founders of Rutherford Hill recognized a  unique opportunity. They believed that the climate and soil of the valley, similar to Pomerol, were well suited to Merlot and were  among the first to pioneer what has become Napa's premier varietal. Today, this tradition of quality continues, expressed by wines  of great complexity and character.


While long a name synonymous with Napa Merlot, Rutherford Hill has undergone a quality renaissance in recent years. Purchased in 1996 by Anthony Terlato and his sons, Bill and John, Rutherford Hill's style has been refined by their broad base of knowledge, industry expertise and uncompromising demand for exceptional quality. As owners of Terlato Wines International, the leading premium wine marketer in the United States, the Terlato family represents some of the world's greatest wines. Working closely with suppliers from each of the major wine producing regions, the Terlato's have had unique exposure to a wide array of winemaking styles, terroir, and varietal characteristics. This opportunity has shaped sophisticated and discerning palates, an international approach to viticulture and a global benchmark for quality. The company's commitment of resources and the family's personal attention reflects true dedication to that principle. Success is measured in decades, not fiscal quarters. For the Terlato family, the business and the pleasure of wine are one and the same.

"Quality is a way of life…for Rutherford Hill it begins in the vineyard."
- Anthony J. Terlato, Owner Rutherford Hill Winery

Doug Fletcher, Vice President of Winemaking

At Rutherford Hill Winery more than 50% of our red fruit comes from our estate-grown vineyards, including the Rutherford and Oak Knoll appellations in Napa Valley. We purchase the balance of our fruit from select growers in key locations across the Napa Valley which share our winery’s commitment to quality and intelligent farming practices.


In 1976, while the world was just beginning to notice the Napa Valley, the founders of Rutherford Hill recognized a unique opportunity. They believed that the Valley’s climate and soil were well suited to Merlot and were among the first to Pioneer what has become one of Napa’s premier varietals. In 1996, when the original partnership decided to sell, the Terlato family purchased the winery and seized the opportunity to continue and improve a Napa Valley brand synonymous with quality and excellence.