Winery within a Winery

In conjuction with improvements to fruit sources, the winery's production equipment has also been significantly enhanced. In the Spring of 2000, Rutherford Hill added a new state-of-the art fermentation area dedicated to the production of Reserve-tier wines. This 5,100 -square foot facility is literally a "winery within a winery" and houses an assortment of small-capacity fermentation tanks, an extremely gentle de-stemmer and a pneumatic press. This wing allows precise, quality-enhancing techniques to be applied to the most promising fruit and enables the winemakers the flexibility required for extended maceration and the ability to keep the small vineyard selections separate through all stages of fermentation.

This new technology, combined with exceptional vineyard sources, demonstrate Rutherford Hill's commitment to quality and sets the stage for the next twenty-fives years of producing Napa's best Merlot.



  • Facility was completed and functional for the 2000 harvest.
  • Cost exceeded $1 million.
  • Addition covers 5,100-square feet.
  • Four operational fermentation tanks range from 1,500 to 6,000 gallons.
  • Self-contained facility is equipped with its own pressure stemmer, refrigeration capabilities (tanks are jacketed for both warming and cooling glycol) and harvest crew.