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Since March 2007
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$15.00 to $22.00

The wines of Tangley Oaks symbolize the majesty of California’s native oak trees. Much like these grand trees, the grape varietals selected for Tangley Oaks wines represent the enduring legacy of California winemaking. With respect to this rich tradition, each appellation and grape varietal has been carefully selected to best represent the quality of Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast.

For more than three decades, Napa Valley has been a premier appellation. Its climate and soil offer ideal conditions to produce high-quality fruit, and wines with a long history of distinctive style and taste. The wines of Tangley Oaks marry the best attributes of this appellation - such as its volcanic-tinged soil and unique climate - to produce wines with well-balanced structure. This allows Tangley Oaks wines of Napa to pair well with many foods and yet, remain standout wines in their own right.

Sonoma County, located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, holds the same prestige when it comes to producing California wines. With very diverse soil compositions, its climate is characterized by cool, foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and moderate evenings. These conditions are ideal for Pinot Noir. Tangley Oaks Pinot Noir is a perfect representation of Sonoma Coast Pinot, with bright red fruit flavors and soft silky tannins.

Discover the world of Tangley Oaks, exceptional quality for everyday enjoyment.