Building Communities One Lot at a Time
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Since March 2007
Flagship Product: 
Price Point: 
$15.00 to $22.00

The essence of Tangley Oaks is rooted in the communities that it helps nurture and grow, from its partnerships with winemakers that craft our wines from the communities of some of the best winegrowing regions across the United States, to the sustainable local efforts that Tangley Oaks is helping to build and preserve. Tangley Oaks encourages consumers to help preserve a sense of their own community whether it be by contributing to a cause, kick starting an event, or supporting a common goal. Tangley Oaks inspires consumers to build and preserve their community for themselves, their families and their neighbors.

Each appellation and grape varietal for Tangley Oaks wines has been carefully selected to best represent the quality of its winegrowing region, and each wine is 100% single varietal and true to its intrinsic characteristics. Tangley Oaks Wines come from trusted, quality appellations such as Napa Valley and North Coast California. Tangley Oaks is also introducing NEW wines from some of the fastest growing regions in the US including Willamette Valley Oregon, and Columbia Valley Washington!

Tangley Oaks, Building Communities One Lot at a Time