Tangley Oaks Lots

Just as Tangley Oaks' appellations have been carefully selected and cultivated by the great wine masters, it only follows that Tangley Oaks winemakers are as particular when selecting the lots for each bottle of Tangley Oaks wine.

These lot numbers are printed on the bottles of Tangley Oaks wines, and are a testament to the appellation of origin, the vintage, and the true expression of the grape varietal. In short, they are a quality indicator, noting the wine is the very best of the region and vintage. 

Each member of the Tangley Oaks winemaking team tastes through each potential appellation, carefully assessing the fruit, balance and tannins. This process is repeated for every varietal. Only when the winemaking team fully agrees on the one lot that best represents the varietal, appellation and vintage is the lot number chosen. This is the only way to select the best quality wines for the most discriminating palates.