Roberto Anselmi

“Roberto Anselmi is a true rebel – he not only rides fast motorbikes, but has turned the making of white wine in northeast Italy on its head with his emphasis on quality over quantity.”

- Nick Passmore, Forbes

Roberto Anselmi has proven his devotion to the wines of the Veneto through his unwavering insistence on higher quality standards for the Soave DOC, which has earned him the title, “the conscience of Soave.”

After inheriting the winemaking trade from his father and his parents before him, Roberto Anselmi was convinced that the Soave region was capable of making complex and interesting wines worthy of world-class recognition.

When his attempts to reform the DOC to improve regional production quality were thwarted by insufficient adjustments to the DOC regulations, he adopted the Veneto IGT classification for his wines instead, carrying forward his unyielding focus on quality. Anselmi devotes supreme care to his vineyards and exerts fanatical control over the winemaking process. These measures, along with innovations to the region, such as single vineyard wine production, guyot-trained vines and high yield plantings, have earned him international acclaim. Anselmi’s crisp, fruit-forward white wines have come to define quality production in Soave.

“I had always had a romantic vision of a land which inspires strong values, deep feelings, the right kind of traditions, and a way of living which is of the land and for the land.”

- Roberto Anselmi