Veneto IGT
Originally of the Soave DOC, Roberto Anselmi broke from the appellation in 2000 in an open letter to the DOC zone:
“I’m walking out of Soave and leaving it to its fate. Let it wear out its vital cycle, good luck to it, I want my freedom.
“Freedom to improve, to make a great wine without inhibitions, to fly onto outstanding varieties, with better training systems, to relate to world viticulture with no boundaries, rules, bureaucracy, to create an honest market for a great white wine from my terroir, from a terroir after my own heart, where passion and imagination will no longer be obstructed.”
- Roberto Anselmi
Anselmi has since adopted the Veneto IGT, a less specific classification than the Soave Classico DOC, which allows the flexibility to make superior quality decisions in the production of the wine, such as lower yields and more interesting grape selection. This bold choice earned Anselmi notoriety in the region and defined him by his quest for quality and innovation.