Seductive, tantalizing and irresistibly delicious begs to be tasted.
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Brachetto Spumante
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Fizz56 comes from a small winery nestled in the heart of Piedmonte, known for their outstanding Brachetto.  Brachetto is a grape native to Italy and rare in other wine-growing regions around the world.  The Brachetto grape is a light-bodied red grape, highly aromatic and naturally effervescent.  Consequently, Fizz56 Brachetto Spumante is a sparkling, red, sweeter, Italian wine made of 100% Brachetto that we are very proud to bring to the United States.
More than just a wine, Fizz56 is a personality.  Fizz56 is as sweet as a first kiss and as seductive as the memory of it.  A brand designed with Millennials in mind, Fizz56 begs to be talked about and tasted.  A showstopper that is not only alluring, but also irresistibly delicious.

Glamorous and exciting, Fizz56 fits into a nightclub scene with ease.  But bubbly and charming, it pairs beautifully with a romantic evening for two.  Fizz56 has it all.

As an aperitif or a complement to dessert, Fizz56 Brachetto Spumante is a deliciously irresistible way to celebrate any occasion.  Fun, fresh and whimsical, this Italian Sparkling wine not only has a beautiful red color, but also tantalizes the taste buds with red berry flavors and sweetness.  Pop the cork and savor the 56 million bubbles in every bottle.

a secret genius

Sourced from small vineyards nestled in Piedmonte, Italy