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Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whisky
Born of the determination of three brothers, Black Bottle epitomized an age of industrious entrepreneurship. The Grahams had already made a good name for themselves in tea blending, but for these three men, good would never be good enough. And so they turned their talents to a drink entwined in the very fibers of Scotland itself - whisky.  The ancient family recipe was originally only intended for family and close friends, but soon word got out about this special whisky. 
Being from Aberdeen, the original recipe would have malts from in and around the Aberdeenshire area. As a symbol of the uniquely bold character of their whisky, it was shrouded in the finest German-made black glass, an inspired choice that created an iconic symbol that shaped a legend.
The blend has been formulated to evoke the tradition and the legacy
of the original recipe through the introduction of more Speyside malts, resulting in a balanced and richer blend with just enough smoky character. Double-matured in virgin oak casks, there’s a sweetness to balance the gentle smoky flavors.