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Nederburg, established in 1791, is rich in history and reputation. From the days of its founder, Philippus Wolvaart to modern times, it has been shaped by people with a lively curiosity and an appetite for discovery, both to know more and to be more. 

This ongoing quest has fuelled a progressive and pioneering approach to wine-growing and winemaking, and it has earned the respect of tastemakers worldwide. For many years, Nederburg has been South Africa's most rewarded winery, with more prizes and medals than any of its counterparts in the country. 

Forward-thinking and ground-breaking, Nederburg nevertheless continues to draw from the past: its own deep experience and the classical principles of winemaking.

Finely honed wine-growing and winemaking skills and a scrupulous attention to detail from the soil to the bottle give the team the capacity to examine and explore, to innovate and evolve.

The team subscribes to a wine philosophy that combines tradition with innovation and it shows in the wines.  They offer a complexity and structure of the old that is fused with the refreshing fruit vitality of the new.  These wines are curiously, the best of both worlds.

Originally, curious meant both "careful attention to detail," and the "desire to know or learn".  A curiosity is also an object that can also be rare and marvelous.  In all its facets, from fastidious to extraordinary, it is the original meaning of the word that encapsulates Nederburg.