Biodynamic farming

Marco Abella practices biodynamic farming, which is much more than just organic. The aim of biodynamic farming is to produce high-quality wine for human consumption while respecting our planet’s animal and plant life.


Cow horn preparation is an excellent way to restructure soil, promote microbial activity and stimulate root growth, which is important for the vines as they seek water among the slate. The winery enriches the preparation with a compost made of cow dung, straw, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak and valerian.

The importance of the lunar phases

The fields are tended in harmony with the lunar phases. For instance, natural anti fungal compounds such as horsetail are applied three days before the full moon because this lunar phase is associated with the spread of fungal diseases on the vines.

Organic farming methods 

The altitude of the vineyards ensures a good aeration of the vines. They are set well apart from other vineyards that may be treated with non-organic products in order to increase the effectiveness of the organic farming techniques.


The winery works in harmony with nature, permitting the proliferation of insects that contribute to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. For example, lacewing is embraced as a natural predator of pests known to cause vine infestations.


Only indigenous yeast is used during the fermentation process as a way to add character to the distinct wines.