Family History

In the 12th century, Carthusian monks came to the Priorat region from France. They brought the grape varieties of Grenache and Carignan that have become synonymous with the region today.The Marco families have been growing wine in this area since the 15th century, which was well before the time of the first Catalonia census in 1497. In the late 19th century, the Marco family vines were struck by the plague of phylloxera that was also infesting vineyards across Europe. In 1898, Ramón Marco Abella was born in Porrera. Ramón made it his life’s work to revive what had once been one of the best vineyards in the region.


Just over a century later, his grandson David took the helm and invested in the modern facilities present today. The result is the Bodega Marco Abella; a winery that contributes to the prestige of the Priorat tradition.