Wine making

The Marco Abella winery was designed to make the most of the available natural resources. The winery was built among the vineyards in 2001. It has its own laboratory allowing for careful oversight of the vinification process to ensure a premium quality wine. Two of the building's floors are underground, allowing for effective use of gravity at each stage of the wine-making process. The building was also designed so that the aging process can take place underground at stable temperatures and humidity conditions.


Grapes are harvested by hand with initial selections made in the vineyard. The fruit is picked in stages and only when the grapes of each variety have ripened to perfection.


Following the initial selection in the vineyards, the harvested grapes are carefully sorted again by hand in the winery. Only the best bunches are used in Marco Abella wines.


Fermentation is natural, using indigenous yeasts present in the grapes. No cultured yeasts are added. Grapes of different varieties and vineyards undergo fermentation separately to maintain their unique character.

Aging in barrels

Once fermented, the wine is transported by gravity directly to the barrels on the lower floor. French oak barrels are sourced from five different coopers to add complexity and nuance to the wines. All wines are then matured in their bottle for at least one year.