Terlato Wines Launches Artisan Spirits Division with Langley’s No. 8 Gin and Tigre Blanc Vodka
Lake Bluff, Ill.

Terlato Wines, the leading marketer of luxury wines in the U.S., announced today the launch of its new Artisan Spirits portfolio, commencing with two long-term partnership agreements: Langley’s No. 8 gin and Tigre Blanc vodka.

Terlato is expanding its luxury portfolio with craft spirits as consumer interest in the category is growing at a fast pace.  “The spirits business is evolving,” said Terlato Wines CEO William A. Terlato.  “It’s starting to look a lot like the wine business, with mixologists, craft bartenders and consumers embracing a new category of small-production, hand-crafted, super-premium brands. Our Luxury Wine Report indicates that today’s consumers are actively looking for new brands and categories to discover and share, and their preference for luxury wines and craft spirits is growing well above the category.”

Terlato Wines’ Artisan Spirits portfolio will include a selection of hand-crafted premium spirits from around the world.  The portfolio will have a dedicated sales and marketing team in addition to Terlato’s current Premier and Estate marketing and sales team.  The portfolio will include gin, vodka, Scotch, Cognac, Tequila and rum, among others.

Terlato Signs Langley’s No. 8 Gin

To launch its new Artisan Spirits division, Terlato Wines has entered into partnership with Langley’s No. 8 gin, a super-premium Distilled London Gin crafted from a proprietary recipe. 

“Terlato is an ideal partner for our brand,” said Mark Dawkins, co-founder of Langley’s No. 8.  “We hit it off right away, when we saw their brand-building expertise and passion for their brands.  We’re excited to have Terlato launch Langley’s No. 8 in the States.”

The Langley Distillery in Birmingham, England has been producing award-winning gins since 1920.  For Langley’s No. 8, Dawkins and partner Mark Crump used 100 percent English grain spirit and a blend of eight secret botanicals, picked at their freshest to produce a gin with smooth, rounded flavors.   Langley’s No. 8 is distilled in a small, English-made, 53-year-old copper pot still named Constance, and nicknamed “Connie,” in honor of the Master Distiller’s late mother.  The brand name was inspired by the eighth of 12 gin blends tasted by its crafters – and the one that was preferred for its balanced and complex finish. 

 “After a blind tasting of Langley’s and 20 other gins, we knew this was the one,” said Terlato.  “The makers are serious about their craft and the product reflects that.  They’ve created a super-premium London dry gin that is the essence of the ultimate gin and tonic and a game changer for other cocktails as well.”

Langley’s No. 8 will be available in early 2014.

Tigre Blanc Vodka Joins Terlato Artisan Spirits Portfolio

Terlato Wines also has entered into a partnership agreement with French boutique vodka brand Tigre Blanc, a super-premium vodka produced in the Cognac region of France from 100 percent French wheat, using fresh locally sourced spring water.  Produced by hand, in the same small alembic stills used to produce Cognac, Tigre Blanc reflects the terroir of Cognac, with a round, smooth, well-balanced flavor.

According to Tigre Blanc President Renaud Dutreil, “Tigre Blanc has been well-received in key luxury goods markets around the world.  The Terlatos are known as the clear leaders in luxury wine and are the perfect partner for our artisan vodka.”

 “After meeting Renaud and his team, I knew Tigre Blanc was the right fit for our portfolio,” said Terlato.  “Not only is the vodka exceptional, but their knowledge of the luxury spirits market is unmatched.  As former head of LVMH North America, Renaud knows the luxury market.  Tigre Blanc will have enormous appeal to a specific audience of luxury consumers that search for the highest quality in every category.”

Tigre Blanc was originally created by the Belleville family.  Francois Belleville’s interest in Indian art and culture led to Tigre Blanc and a partnership with the “Save the Tiger Fund” project in India. A portion of profits from the sale of each bottle of Tigre Blanc helps fund conservation efforts to save wild tigers.

Tigre Blanc has recently been introduced in Paris, London, Dubai and New Delhi and under Terlato leadership, will be available in New York, Chicago and Miami in early 2014.