Chateau de La Tour

The historic and prestigious Domaine of Chateau de La Tour, located in the hamlet of Vougeot in the Cote de Nuits, is the largest landowner, with 15 acres of 12% of the entire Grand Cru.  Farmed since 1100, the estate was founded in 1889, after the grandfather of the rent owners became one of the six buyers who acquired the vineyards of the famed Clos de Vougeot. 

Francois Labet has managed the Domaine since 1984 and converted the vineyard to organic farming practices in 1990, a rarity within the Clos.  The wines are made from whole cluster fermentation and are aged 18 months in custom barrels from a single cooper. The vineyard comprises a large parcel South of the Chateau, in the center of the Clos, with a last holding of a few rows of vines at the bottom of the Clos, extending to RN74, on heavier soil.

Chateau de La Tour poduces two nes, Clos-Voueot nd Clos-Vouget ielles Vines.  A thrid Cuvee, Hommage A Jean Morin, is made only in exceptional years.  Undoubtedly amongst the top Clos-Vougeots, Chateau de La Tour is also the only winery in the Clos itself.