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Since 2004
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Reserva Malbec

"Bodega TAMARI," in the Huarpe language of the indigenous people of the Mendoza region, means to do everything with passion.  Bodega TAMARI is a wine that you can get passionate about.  From the high-altitude, highly-regarded Tupungato vineyard comes Bodega TAMARI. Passion is, indeed, reflected in the science and craftsmanship of Bodega TAMARI's winemaking process. Here, sun, soil, and water are combined with love and energy and their expression is Bodega TAMARI, a wine with flavor of the mountains and the sky. Bodega TAMARI combines the best of traditional and modern winemaking methods in order to capture the full potential of this winegrowing region.


In the late 1500s, Spanish missionaries found that the foothills of the Andes had the best conditions for vine-growing and the city of Mendoza was founded in 1561. In 1900 a new wave of immigrants, from Italy, Spain and France, brought their own regional vine-growing and winemaking skills to Mendoza, Argentina's largest wine-growing region.

Bodega TAMARI grapes are grown in Mendoza, the most prestigious fine wine zone in Argentina. Here, in the foothills on the Andes, an ideal combination of soil, altitude and latitude converge. Soils are stony and drain well. A cold winter season and a summer marked by warm, sunny days and altitude-ensured cool nights that result in a long and dry growing season, yielding small grapes of concentrated flavor, color and tannins.


Malbec originated in Bordeaux as a black grape variety, and is now the most important red wine variety in the Mendoza region. Argentine Malbecs are different from those of Bordeaux in that they are ripe and lush and capable of extended aging. Malbec is characterized by acidity and freshness.