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They are not a typical family. This small, tightly woven and dedicated team is strongly rooted in Illmitz, at Austria´s Neusiedlersee - Lake Neusiedl -yet also is widely connected internationally. Gerhard Kracher is the young, highly energetic head of the wine estate, which he took over at full speed following the premature death of his father, Alois Kracher Jr. Michaela Kracher, Gerhard's mother, keeps a close eye on the entire operation, even on the most hectic of days. 

The wines from the Weinlaubenhof have long been in a class of their own. Practically no other sweet wines have reached such a high level of recognition worldwide and only a few have come close to the high ratings Kracher wines continuously receive. Around the world, Kracher has become the synonym for noble sweet wines of ultimate perfection.

The series of Trockenbeerenauslesen wines are at the top of the pyramid – in the king´s class, so to speak - where botrytis and fruit are united together in perfect harmony. Kracher produces also Auslesen, Beerenauslesen and, if the vintage allows it, ice wines, as well as Spätlesen with clear, clean primary fruit.

And then there are the dry wines – firm, harmonious, full and round. Burgenland at its best. "With our climate, there is no such thing as light, zippy wines," says Gerhard Kracher, emphasizing the style of the wines.