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January 2009
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Estate Grown Zinfandel
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The roots of Zinfandel began to take hold in the United States just as the Federalists were establishing our nation’s independence. This Dry Creek Valley Federalist Zinfandel is an ode to this noble grape, and a celebration of its decidedly American origin. The robust fruit, bright berry fruit character and lively acidity speak to the distinct characteristics of these bold, strong vines that are inseparably intertwined with the history of the United States itself.

The Federalist’s vineyards are located in Sonoma County, California. Owned and managed by the Terlato Family, they have positioned the winery to produce single vineyard and estate wines with a focus on Zinfandel.

The Federalist’s packaging features the leader and most famous Federalist in American history, Alexander Hamilton.  The Federalists believed in strong national government, supported modernizing, manufacturing & industrial development, and the use of a tariff to fund the Treasury. They supported a national Bank of the United States, and funding national and state debts incurred during the Revolutionary War.  In foreign affairs the Federalists opposed the French Revolution, and sought a strong army and navy.  A few other noted Federalists were:  James Madison (VA), John Jay (NY), George Washington (VA), and John Adams (MA).



The vineyards are located in Sonoma County, California, approximately 80 miles north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Zinfandel is the primary focus of the vineyards with 65% of its production dedicated to this varietal.


The vineyards & winery were founded in 1981. Three friends, John Grace, Mark Rafanelli and Philip Staley joined forces and purchased the site that is now the Alderbrook Estate. In 2000 the Terlato’s were asked to develop a long-range plan to produce world-class wines and market Alderbrook throughout the U. S. The Terlatos purchased a majority share in 2000 and invested in both vineyard sources and winery to provide the winemaking team the best grapes and equipment available. This has helped position the winery to produce single vineyard and estate wines with a focus on Zinfandel.