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Cabernet Sauvignon
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It has been more than a hundreed years since California wine pioneer Jean Laurent quarried stone from the base of Glass Mountain in Napa Valley to build his wine cellar. That cellar still stands today and serves both as a literal and figurative link to the past and Laruant's guiding priciples of quality and values. 

Glass Mountain wines are crafted using a careful selection of choice grapes from the top winemaking regions to produce exceptional wines true to their character. Glass Mountain wines focus on rich, pure flavors of the best vineyards. Offered as a tremendous value wine for consumers, Glass Mountain represents a vision to provide quality wines at accessible prices, while delivering an outstanding value wine for your enjoyment.


Kimberlee Nicholls
  • Glass Mountain sources its grapes from top vineyards from around the world.

It has been more than one hundred years since California wine pioneer Jean Laurent quarried rock from the base of Glass Mountain in Napa Valley to build his famous stone cellar. In 1978, Bruce Markham, a California businessman with a passion for wine, purchased the old winery and launched Markham Vineyards, the parent company of Glass Mountain wines. Ten years later in 1988, Markham was sold to Mercian Corporation. In 1994, Mercian formed a joint venture with Terlato Wines International to produce a line of high quality wines under the Glass Mountain label.