With vineyards located in Napa Valley’s best growing regions, Markham has been crafting exceptional wines for more than 125 years.
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Since 1990
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$13.99 up to $68.99

In 1972, Bruce Markham arrived in Napa Valley with the dream of starting a winery. Intent on crafting world-class wines for years to come, he purchased the "little jewels" that are still the Markham vineyards today. He was a pioneer in what is now the very heart of Napa, buying premium vineyard land before many understood the tremendous potential the valley offered for producing fine wines.

He also purchased a winery. Originally established by Jean Laurent, the Markham winery dates back to 1879. As one of the founders of Napa winemaking and viticulture, Markham Vineyards takes great pride in its legacy of exceptional mountains and magnificent vineyards, Markham's winery has the distinction of being the fourth oldest continuously operated winery in Napa County.

Today, Markham Vineyards owns 350 acres of vineyards strategically located in several of Napa Valley's best growing regions. From its Calistoga vineyards in the north to Oak knoll in the south, Markham has the luxury of hand-selecting grapes from several diverse microclimates to achieve its balanced and rich wines. Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls sums up the benefits offered by this extraordinary palette of vineyards: "The expressions of terroir from each unique location create a greater whole; each vineyard complements and elevates the next. The result is endless blending options to weave together the rich fruit flavors, elegant acid structure, broad texture and velvety tannins we want in our wines."

Kimberlee Nicholls

With almost 350 acres of vineyards strategically located in several of Napa Valley's best growing regions, stretching from Calistoga in the north to the city of Napa in the south, Markham Vineyards hand-selects grapes from diverse microclimates to achieve balanced and rich wines.


Jean Laurent established the winery in 1879 with 5 acres in St. Helena. Six years later he built the stone cellar, which is still used today. In 1972, Bruce Markham purchased the winery. Today Markham is owned by Mercian, a Japanese winemaking and importing company.