Terra Vitis

The entire vineyard of Chateau Timberlay is farmed under the guidelines of Terra Vitis, a French organization that independently certifies compliance with transparent, sustainable vineyard practices.

These practices are extensive at Chateau Timberlay, and integral to the quality of its wines. The estate uses a French practice known as jachere in which vineyard plots are planted with annual flowers, which invigorates and enhances the soil’s organic structure and attracts predators. Beehives enhance the practice, helping pollinate the flowers and encouraging a thriving, diverse ecosystem. Grasses are grown between the vines, eliminating the need for chemical herbicides and stimulating deep rooting and healthy soils. Surrounding the vineyard, hedgerows provide habitat for wildlife and friendly insects.

These careful practices carry all the way through the winemaking process. Block by block, Chateau Timberlay grapes are handpicked – and before crush, are put through a hand-sorting process to eliminate flawed bunches. In the winery, the barrel and aging regimens are carefully calibrated to enhance wine quality and traditional Bordeaux character.

To learn more about Terra Vitis visit: www.terravitis.com