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Côtes de Provence Rosé
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About Mathilde

Passionate about travel and wine, Mathilde has explored various wine regions, in France and around the world, for inspiration in creating her own exciting rosé from her prestigious estate in Côtes de Provence. The land is parceled throughout Provence, and planted with exquisite grapevines for the production of high quality rosé.

Mathilde Rosé appeals to wine lovers who simply wish to enjoy the Dry style rosé from the famous Côtes de Provence region, known for its aromatic, sophisticated table wines.

Growing up on the slopes of Hermitage with her father, renowned winemaker Michel Chapoutier, Mathilde has uninhibited approach to wine and an uncomplicated conception of taste.  The Mathilde Chapoutier Rose is an accessible wine that pairs perfectly with home cooking or “bistronomic” cuisine.


Why Provence Rosé?

Provence, the site of France's oldest vineyards, is the world's largest wine region specializing in rosé. The region has a rich rosé tradition, and winemakers today are the beneficiaries of the region's collective knowledge and time-honored techniques. Since rosé is a delicate wine and one of the most difficult to produce with success, 

The rosés of Provence are distinctly different because of the unique character of the place where they originate – the soil, climate, and terrain of the vineyards. The physical environment of Provence – with its plentiful sunshine; its mistral winds; its Mediterranean Basin soils; and its hillsides covered with wild lavender, rosemary, and thyme – is reflected in the crisp flavors and zesty aromas of the rosé wines made there.


Chateau Des Ferrages

Half-way between Aix-en-Provence and Saint-Maximin, Château des Ferrages is one of the four fortresses that shaped the history of Pourcieux. Surrounded by wooded parklands, this traditional Renaissance building overlooked the village. Most of the building has been lost over time and only the tower and a few architectural remains still exist today. Its most valuable treasure, however, is undoubtedly the wine domaine that bears its name.

Its 28 hectares of vines produce four cuvées which are carefully aged in the Château des Ferrages cellars. Over 1000 m2 of cellars combine modern vinification techniques and traditional methods of ageing. The domaine’s Côtes de Provence and Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire wines are regularly awarded medals and listed in top wine guides.


AOP wines represent the highest level of quality in French winemaking. Any wine bearing the name of one of these official wine-producing areas must be produced within clearly defined parameters. For example, each Provence AOP has specific rules covering allowable grape varieties, maximum yield per hectare, and more. These rules apply to every vat of rosé that will be bottled and sold with an AOP label.



Mathilde Chapoutier