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Tigre Blanc Vodka
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Tigre Blanc is a pure vodka distilled from the finest wheat and natural spring water in Cognac, France. The minerality from Cognac's chalky soil helps create the unique flavor profile of Tigre Blanc.


Distilled six times in a traditional French Alambic copper pot still creates the structure, character and beautiful aromas of Tigre Blanc.


Henri Belleville, a Frenchman raised in the hills of Champagne, was inspired to create Tigre Blanc vodka by his dual passions for spirits and ancient Taoism.  The Tigre Blanc recipe has been passed down through Belleville’s family for generations and his travels to East Asia introduced him to ancient Taoism and the symbolism of the White Tiger.

Combining those passions has resulted in a vodka like no other, Tigre Blanc.