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Beaujolais Villages AOC

Combining rich tradition and modernity, Trénel is fully committed to bringing the highest quality wines that are sourced from the finest winegrowers of each appellation.

Established in 1928, The House of Trénel has rose to prominence today. It was André who sought to establish exclusive relationships with the finest growers, working only with those who practiced traditional, natural (biologique) farming and hand-picking of fruit. These relationships continue to this day. 

Trénel is one of the top-quality négociants working in Beaujolais/Mâconnais area. The tireless efforts and unbridled passion for the value found in the southernmost reaches of Burgundy turned Trénel into a household name in France and key markets around the world. Today, Andé Trénel’s legacy of delivering wines that are “fresh and alive and oozing with personality” is carried on.



Located in the Beaujolais region of Burgundy between the Beaujolais Crus and Pouilly Fuissé appellations. From the terrace offices, stand La Roche Solutré and the heights of Saint Amour.

Founded in 1928, by Claude-Henri Trénel and later joined by his son, André, the Trénel Fils estate is now run by Grégoire HOPPENOT and Bruno CHAMBE, a nephew of André Trénel. André worked with passion and determination to establish their reputation in France and abroad, living by the motto, “we only do well what we know well!” Although Trénel is no longer family-owned, the successors of André Trénel have kept the same wines and quality requirements. Today, owned by Michel Chapoutier, the wines continue to embody this vision.