Flagship Product: 
Etna Bianco DOC and Etna Rosso DOC
Alta Mora is a new winery from the Cusumano family.  These grapes are grown and harvested on the slopes of the active volcano, Mt. Etna, in Sicily.  This volcano is the largest active volcano in Europe and one of sixteen in the world that is said to pose a high risk to life and property, according to the UN. 
It has been a lifelong dream for the Cusumano brothers to build a winery among these black, fertile and dynamic soils.  They believe in taking a great risk to produce great, unique wines. The name Alta Mora translates to “Tall, Black” representing the great heights of the vineyards on the mountain and the dark, black volcanic soil. The volcano itself is nearly 11,000ft high and vineyards are planted up to 4,000ft high – the tallest in Europe. This brand truly captures the essence of patience, work ethic, energy, and love of unique beauty.