The Il Poggione estate lies in the southwest subzone of the appellation where it's vines grow at more than 400 meters above sea level. The cool evening and morning temperatures created by this altitude help the fruit to ripen more slowly and as a result Il Poggione is able to produce profound, complex Brunello with great aging potential.  The western subzone of the appellation is also blessed by its proximity to the sea (about 30 minutes distance by car). The gentle sea breeze from the Thyrrenian sea brings excellent ventilation to its vineyards. As a result of the dryness of the breeze, Il Poggione vineyards are nearly rot- and mildew-free.

Il Poggione dedicates 247 acres to the cultivation of their vines, with more than 70% planted at 250 meters above sea level, the most favorable elevation. All benefit from southern exposure. Embracing the sun throughout the day, the grapes, mostly Sangiovese, produce wines that are more structured and fuller bodied. Il Poggione vines are also among the oldest in the appellation. Because the roots reach so deeply into the subsoil, even during arid or hot vintages, our vines are able to find the water table. The stress caused by their search for water makes the fruit even richer and the wine even more profound and long-lived.

Il Poggione believes in diversified farming. Winemaker Fabrizio Bindocci has not planted vines in every possible growing site. Instead Fabrizio grows olives in certain fields, some fields are used for grazing of Maremma cattle, while others are even left to remain fallow. The winery believes that this is an essential element of the terroir.