Grappa Il Prosecco Bianco

The result of distilling pomace of select Prosecco grapes, this grappa is structured, yet elegant. It is fresh and light with a hint of sweetness - the perfect accompaniment to cakes, ice cream or fresh fruit salad. 

Founded in 1897 by Orazino Nonino in the Friuli region of Italy, Nonino changed the way the world views grappa. Benito Nonino, his wife Giannola, and their three daughters Cristina, Antonella, and Elisabetta, continue to lead Italian distillers through their devotion to research, quality and innovation. In 1984, Benito and Giannola solidified their status as industry leaders by introducing the world’s first single-vineyard, single-grape distillate produced using whole grape clusters. This product, known as ÚE (pronounced “Oo-ay”) further revolutionized the industry and introduced distillates with uniquely intense aroma and flavor components.

Today, Nonino’s extensive product line revolves around their award winning grappas and revolutionary ÚEs. Presented in elegant bottles most of which are hand blown – it is no wonder that Nonino grappas and UEs are some of the most sought-after distillates in the world today.

Nonino, always naturally ages in barriques and small casks under seal and permanent surveillance by the Customs and Monopoly Agency in the company cellars.

100% distilled with artisanal method.

0% color additives.

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Wine Notes
Floral scents with notes of acacia flowers and golden apple.
Fresh, fruity, and elegant confirming the aromas.
Product Information
Grape Variety Used: 
Friuli/Hills of Friuli
Length/Type of Aging: 
From six months to one year in stainless steel containers
Packaging Available:
  • 6
    750 ML
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