1897 - Orazio Nonino establishes his own distillery.

1962 - Benito Nonino and his new wife, Giannola, become the 4th generation of Nonino’s to operate the distillery.

1965 - Grappa producers begin to place less importance on quality and more importance on quantity. Benito and Giannola isolate themselves from this trend, maintaining that quality and innovation should always supercede quantity.

1973 - Benito and Giannola create the first single-vineyard, single-grape grappa from the rarest and most prestigious vine of Friuli: Picolit.

1984 - Benito and Giannola Nonino create ÙE, the distillation of whole grapes.

2000 - Continued innovation, exhaustive research, and a passion for producing only the finest distillates prevails in Nonino’s quest to produce the first-ever honey distillate: Gioiello Distillato!