Location & Climate

Location and climatic advantages provide Wairau River Wines with the ideal recipe for the production of superior quality wines with intense flavors.

Location Advantages:

The Rose’s acres of vineyards situated on the banks of the Wairau River have the following advantages:

  • The Marlborough region, located on the north tip of New Zealand’s South Island, is protected from strong sea winds and is one of the few South Island regions warm enough for large-scale viticulture.
  • The southern tip of the North Island protects Wairau River’s vineyards by keeping the region warm and dry, which helps boost grape ripening.
  • Vineyards reside along the Wairau River on the flat Wairau plains—the most preferred vineyard sites because of their shallow, stony soils of low fertility that promote moderate vine growth. These free draining, alluvial soils provide Wairau River's Sauvignon Blanc with its intense flavor and mineral characteristics.

Climatic Advantages:
Marlborough’s maritime climate makes for a long, temperate growing season marked by warm days and cool nights

  • ‘Blanket Effect’: The Southern Alps mountain range (Elevation: 12,000 ft.) runs the length of most of the island and creates a ‘blanket effect’ that dissipates the prevailing westerly winds. The ‘blanket effect’ also creates a rain shadow in the region, reducing rainfall and cloud cover over the Rose’s vineyards, all while increasing the amount of valuable sunshine.
  • Plentiful, but not intense, sunshine affords the grapes a long, slow ripening period.
  • The long growing season and slow ripening provide Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc with great mid-palate weight and length.