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Scottish Leader
Scottish Leader. A whisky that lives up to its name. Created from passion and pride, it brings forward thinkers together, to create new perspectives and realize new possibilities. Since establishment in 1976, Scottish Leader has benefited from decades of forward-thinking blending teams who endeavour to produce liquids that appeal to the tastes of the day. 
Our Master Blender and her team hand pick the best whiskies from across Scotland. Using traditional whisky-making skills, they create award-winning blends from the next decade and beyond. Like any true leader, the brand has a vision - aim high and hold fast to your beliefs.
At Scottish Leader we believe in having an open mind, in collaborating
with like-minded people, and ultimately looking at whisky and life  from a new perspective. It’s this modern perspective that led to production of the new modern packaging and the exceptionally sweet and smoky Signature.