Terlato Representation: 
Flagship Product: 
Sauvignon Blanc

It all begins at the southern tip of Africa at Cape Point. Along a brooding, craggy coastline, two mighty oceans meet. The cold, refreshing waves of the Atlantic Ocean collide with the warm, inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. A unique climate is formed. Inland, where the grapes are grown, the influence of the terroir on the Western Cape’s vineyards is significant. In the lead-up to the harvest, the cooling breezes and mists ensure wines with a good balance of acidity and fruit. During the last few weeks of the ripening period, the grapes soak up the warm African sun to intensify their flavor. The balance of warm and cool works perfectly together to create lively, fruity, approachable wines. The result is a collection of crisp whites and delicious reds of international quality, crafted by the hot African sun and cool sea breezes.