Bodegas Inspiración Valdemar

Bodegas Inspiración is a winery within a winery and was established in 2009. The facilities are located on the same site as Conde de Valdemar, but are differentiated by creating a new style of Rioja wines. The winery is lead by the fifth generation family – Carlos and Ana Martínez Bujanda Mora.

Bodegas Inspiración was created with the idea of growing unique grape varieties from select microclimates within Rioja.  The wines are modern, distinctive, from unique plots, and feature varietals such as Graciano and Maturana.

Inspiración wines are hand-harvested and are produced using small vats between 8,000-15,000 L, which permit full controlled fermentation, separating the grapes by minority varieties and micro-plots; as well as vats for micro-fermentation, with less than 1,000 L capacity for tests and trials.

Bodegas Inspiración features items including Selección, Tempranillo Blanco and Las Canteras.