• The wallpaper in the entryway powder room is Chinese rice wallpaper. It is more than 300 years old.
  • The living room walls are highlighted by antique linenfold paneling, which was salvaged from a French chateau.
  • The dining room ceiling had horse hair mixed in with the plaster to help the workmen hold the design. The dining table is a replica of a 16th century table that is currently in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The table was commissioned by the Terlatos.
  • The kitchen contains a walk-in safe. This is where the Armours stored their silver.
  • Each bedroom in the family living quarters had a private bath or a shared bath. Two of the bedrooms have fireplaces and each has a sleeping porch.
  • The Armour family had a staff of 26 to maintain the house and grounds of Tangley Oaks.