Big Max

In 1942, the last Brown Bear was spotted in Northern California…at least that’s what we thought. Turns out that the kids who attended the Bar 49 Summer Camp on the Keith Family land (now known as Maxville) had a run in with a Brown Bear in the 60’s. He was legendary, the stuff of folklore…the subject of campfire circle stories for decades. His name was Big Max.

Big Max Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Smooth, medium-to-full bodied entry opens nicely on the palate to reveal waves of rich black cherry, cassis spice and creamy oak. The powerful fruit flavors and well-balanced, firm tannins carry through for a long savory finish.

Powerful fruit and well balanced.
Rich black cherry, cassis spice and creamy oak.
Big Max Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Pear, apple and citrus flavors continue from the aroma across the palate in a clean, crisp refreshing entry, changing to a creamy mid-palate packed with fruit and texture. The bright acidity energizes the palate, leading to an elegant and lengthy finish.

Crisp, clean and refreshing.
Pear, apple and citrus flavors.